KU Multimedia is a self-motivated company dedicated for ensuring quality education in the field of Multimedia in the industry. The  company is owned and managed by highly professionals having enthusiasm and years of experience in the industry .The offered curriculum are in tune with the latest trends in  Multimedia industry ,thus, setting the highest standards of it, for the participations. All the systems of the company are supported by state –of –the –art technologies.


The term Multimedia refers to the combination of different media with a capacity for user interaction .The Multimedia Technology is developing at a rate faster than anticipated ,which has proved that Multimedia is here for a long time now. Multimedia applications are diverse & are extensively used to boost the efficiency in Graphics Designing ,Advertising ,Newspapers and  Magazines, films and videos ,sound/Audio, special effects for the films /videos ,Animation(2D &3D),cartoons , games development ,web and internet Technologies ,presentations,  CBT development and etc.

So , the future depends on this industry , be sure you are ready for it. It is said  globally that IT will rule the world of tomorrow , where 65% coverage will be from Multimedia segment.


  • A logical, systematic, dynamic and effective training mythology.
  • Elective options for career.
  • Industry relevant curriculum .
  • Once computer one student training facility.
  • Global placements.
  • Taught as per international Teaching Mythology.
  • Technologies focused programs.
  • Seminars on future trends.
  • Academic support from young ,co-operative instructions.
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